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Kindly take note that ARMSCOR will NOT accept offers that are submitted electronically i.e. via email and facsimile until further notice.
Classified tender documents may ONLY be obtained from the Armscor Procurement Secretariat. Tender documents obtained from Armscor may NOT be given to a third party. Offers received from companies whose offer documents were NOT obtained from Armscor will NOT be considered.

SCM:Bid Office
ARMSCOR Head Office
370 Nossob Street
c/o Delmas Avenue & Nossob Street
Erasmuskloof Ext 4

This Bulletin lists the major product and service requirements of ARMSCOR for which possible contract opportunities exist at both main and subcontract levels. Main contracts awarded to the industry are listed for the information of potential subcontractors. The material in this Bulletin is intended as a guide only. Although every effort is made to ensure that the information given is accurate, ARMSCOR will not incur any legal or contractual liability whatsoever as a result of any statements made in the Bulletin. The announcements contained in this publication remain ARMSCOR copyright at all times. Only suppliers registered on ARMSCOR's electronic supplier registration database will be considered for orders which are administered by ARMSCOR on behalf of clients.

This indicates the security classification of the requirement and the level of security clearance those requesting documents must have.

Details may be obtained from the
Procurement Secretariat
Private Bag X337, Pretoria 0001
Fax: +27 12 428 3643